The Prosperous Changjing River

2012 is the year that the 18th CPC National Congress was held, but also the starting year that the Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation to achieve strategic planning interim target. For more than 360 days and nights, the Changjing River Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation went through the mill again and again, experienced various tests, achieving a rich harvest.

Development Tempers Excellent Brand

2012, focusing on promoting “Three Development” and achieving the overall goal of “Three Steady Progress”, the Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation achieved the sustainable development by implementing “One Body Two Wings” strategy.

Public projects show new results. Conscientiously fulfilled the duties of the legal person, and steadily promoted the public welfare water conservancy project close-out work, public works to maintain stability of river banks and gradually play various functions such as disaster prevention and mitigation benefits. Carefully planned the balance of funds to implement projects of covert projects, scheduling the north-gate reinforcement of Jingjiang flood diversion project and other projects, and the central investment plan has been released. Did the preparatory work, and actively strived for the legal status on follow-up work in the Three Gorges Project--the middle and downstream river regime and slope management.

Foreign investment made new progress. Determined the key investment projects by strengthening contact with Lishui Company, midline water Company, Huaneng Baoxing river Company and the Three Gorges Company, and decisions made by shareholders, board of directors and board of supervisors. Under the premise of ensuring the financial security, using of idle funds to invest in bond repurchase, IMF, brokerage of financial and other fixed income products, to achieve the annual lucrative investment. At the same time, the Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation also earnestly safeguarded the interests of investors and achieved good results through active reclaiming arrears, actively responded to claims disputes and investment losses, etc.

Excellence performed on consulting business. Did good job on expert review of CWRC administrative licensing items and technical review of non-administrative licensing items, with total of 240 consulting and review items for CWRC in 2012. Vigorously expanded the external market, with the completion of more than 400 consulting and review items outside CWRC. Standardized tender agent in accordance with the law, and completed 35 bidding agency businesses.

Three Gorges follow-up work involved in planning and approved 29 plan texts. Carry out more than 460 immigration consulting projects, in which 3 obtained Hubei Province Outstanding Engineering Consulting Achievement Award. Undertake 14 researches of water projects immigration. Undertake design business in Guizhou, the Three Gorges reservoir area and other places, with significant increasing number of contracts compared to last year.

Supervision work reached a new level. Undertake more than 300 supervision projects of Three Gorges reservoir area, Wujiang Pengshui silver reservoir and Dan Jiangkou reservoir etc. Undertake Liberia of Africa harbor engineering supervision projects, overcame difficulties, and opened the work situation. Carry out immigration monitoring and evaluation (Consolidated Supervision) for nearly 30.

Make breakthrough on principal businesses. Make successful bid of Yuping County, Guizhou Baiyan River Project, to achieve substantial breakthroughs in general contracting market. Now the project has been successfully closure, as the main dam filling into the construction phase. Efforts made for infrastructure construction work of Ye Conty of south-to-north water diversion project, and the pump station and culverts in Junshan mountain area. Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Shenlong third plant project, tail water discharge river project, Changfeng pumping station expansion project and other projects have entered the final acceptance phase.

Standards Cast Intangible Assets

Blacksmith first own hardware. Only by comprehensively promote the refinement of management, standardize management, in order to achieve Corporation’s better and faster development.

To this end, the Corporation further improved the system, strengthened internal management, and to develop appropriate implementation rules and operating procedures in order to perform grounds, orderly operation, and effective management; continued to do information construction, strengthened the management of the company website, focusing on information collection, collation and reporting, and safeguarded information channels; full implementation of standardized management, the units passed the quality management system, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management system certification audit; further played the role of the technical authority of Technical Committee, multi-technical consulting activities organize to improve the level of quality of project results, and promoted the healthy development of business group.

By strengthening financial supervision and strict implementation of the financial management system, actively cooperated with the tax and auditing departments to organize the inspection; strengthened the budget management, according to the early development of the annual budget to reasonably arrange expenses to achieve annual financial targets; reasonable scheduling the use of funds in the course of business, as the case, adjusted the fund raising program, flexible scheduling, improved capital efficiency.

Paid close attention to production safety management, through increased safety performance assessment efforts, levels of responsibility, and solid security infrastructure, improving the management level. Actively carry out the "Safety Month" series of activities to create a “Love Life, Security and Development" safety culture. Insist on carrying out investigation of safety hazards, to do a good job of production safety focusing on “fighting Rule Violation” special action, carried out safety inspection activities before the flood season, holidays and major events, several trips to the construction site for inspection of production safety work to ensure that no security production accidents happen.

Harmony Wins Across the Capital

Only the relationship between cadres is closer, the workforce is more stable, the Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation can win a good reputation and credibility in the market with the help of CWRC flagship.

To this end, in 2012 in order to meet the Party's headquarters eighteen Congress as an opportunity levels, the Corporation organized Party members, cadres and workers of learning, training and theme tours. More than 100 people attended the party central group (expanded) classes, focusing on studying the Party's seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session, General Secretary Hu Jintao “7 • 23” important speech and the Party's 18 spirit, strengthened the party members and cadres’ armed with the theory, to further improve the party cadres’ theoretical policy level.

Building a clean government publicity and education activities for the “Triple One Big” standardized management, revised and improved the Corporation corruption risk control manual, discovered the incorruption project of Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Technology Building to guide party members and cadres to accept the revolutionary tradition education and anti-corruption education, from the source to make risk prevention and control, prompting the company party cadres correctly, healthily and effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

Vigorously strengthened the building of the contingent of cadres and personnel, the organization completed the head office workers with no fixed term labor contract signing work. Last year 10 level cadres were promoted through the work of investigation, 5 new people obtained qualifications of engineering professor, 7 people obtained senior engineer qualification, and 13 people got qualified engineer. Organization of workers to participate in various training throughout the year nearly 400 people, new types of registered staff of 48 people, involving registered consulting engineers, cost engineers, tendering division, supervising engineers and other professionals. Innovatively implemented school-enterprise cooperation, jointly set up the Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation postgraduate training base with Wuhan University, and 3 people were hired for Wuhan University MBA business mentor. The corporation will work with Wuhan University in personnel training, project construction, management innovation and resource sharing etc. to carry out all-round cooperation.

In harmony with the spirit of the appeal, the majority of employees increased sense of responsibility, strong cohesion, and centripetal force, the Corporation has created a huge intangible assets.

Expectations of Playing Brilliant New Chapter

Spring, break out, all things germination. The new 2013 is already open, the Changjiang Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation will steadily ahead on the road, to achieve a boundless vitality spring.

2013, the Changjiang Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation will seize the opportunity, deepen reform, be vigilant, enterprising, and make full use of the favorable opportunity of national promoting ecological civilization construction and water conservancy infrastructure, continue to strengthen self-construction, pay close attention to the main business. Meanwhile, in order to open up new economic growth point by taking design and general contracting business as a breakthrough in water ecosystems, water environment, water infrastructure and urban construction, shoreline management and other key areas,

By strengthening self-construction, enhance the company's core competitiveness. Further improve the human, financial, material and other internal control system, to clear responsibilities, and strengthen supervision, forming a modern enterprise system architecture with scientific management and orderly operation; intensify its efforts to bring high-quality personnel training and continue to do upgrades and new qualifications application, in order to provide a platform for general project contracting and emerging market; based on summarizing the existing mode in parent company, discuss the head-branch operation mode, making effective integration of existing human resources, solving the problem of units’ qualification, and further strengthen the construction and management professional body; continue to keep the good momentum of development on construction management, supervision, consulting and other services, to improve service quality, and strive to create the brand with success; do good job on construction management of Changjiang Water Resources and Hydropower Technology Building to ensure quality and safety, to strictly control investment, and strive to be early delivered; strengthen cooperation between banks and enterprise, to provide funding for investment and financing projects.

Vigorously develop the market and do good job on the management of undertaken project. Continue to strive for the construction and management in follow-up work of Three Gorges project; relying on CWRC’s administrative functions, to explore the pre-consultation, design and general contracting business on implementation of follow-up work plans of Three Gorges project, watershed within the medium and small rivers, dangerous sluice (reservoir) reinforcement, water (reservoir) construction, sewage treatment, water control, water ecological remediation and other projects; under the premise of ensuring funds safety, to carry out related businesses n the capital market. Make every effort to do the South-to-North water diversion project in Ye County, and the overall contract of project management in Baiyan river, Yuping County, Guizhou; do solid job on CWRC water administrative licensing experts review and non-administrative licensing technical review; continue to do well on design, consultation, supervision, agent construction, tender agency of follow-up work of the Three Gorges project, Jinping hydropower station, etc.,

Make service for company development, to strengthen Party building and corporate culture. To conscientiously study and implement Party's 18 spirit, to strengthen Party building and the style of leading cadres. Building up new trends, doing real work, daring to act, seeking performance; adhere to the people-oriented, concern about the lives of workers, and constantly promote the building of a harmonious enterprise; insists talent thriving enterprise strategy, building a vibrant system of personnel training and using; to develop the advanced, establishing a typical, creating a strong atmosphere of working; planning the establishment of civilized units as well as the introduction with gradual implementation

To voyage with east wind, making great expedition. In a promising 2013, the Changjing Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation will continue glory and dream, carrying the passion and hope, towards the goal of building healthy Changjing River in the critical moment of river harnessing. Cleave through the waves, voyage with the wind!

ChangJiang Water Resources And Hydropower Develpment Corporation (Hubei) 2013.8